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    July 10, 2013
    11:00 - 11:36pm PDT  

above the crash eed asiana jet. this picture shows it going down the runway. you see the plane go right across the screen. you see dozens of utility trucks and lights. earlier today, ntsb said sfo will retake control of the shutdown runway. that appears to be the case right now. sfo says this is the number one priority to clear the wreckage from runway 28-l. there's been other developments tonight. survivors of the crash made an emotional return to the tarmac at sfo, seeing what they lived through. and investigators revealed a detailed time line of what happened inside the cabin, as flight attendants jumped into action. we also heard of a pilot reporting being blinded by a light just 30 seconds before impact. first, new tonight at 11:00, we've obtained the 911 calls,
survivors spread across the tarmac, calling for help. >> some of the calls, calm and informational. others frantic, calling for help, for badly burned and injured passengers. >> hi, we're at the san francisco international airport. and we just got in a plane crash. and there's a lot of people that need help. is there any way an ambulance can be sent? >> are you with a lot of the ambulances that are there? >> no. we have people over here that weren't found. and they're burned, really badly. yes. we just got in a plane crash. and there's a bunch of people who still need help. and there's not enough medics out here. there's a woman out here who's on the street, on the runway, who is pretty much burned very severely on the head and we don't know what to do. >> he said there's there but not enough people, correct? >> she is severely burned. she will probably die soon if we don't get any help. >> the calls are consistent with what a group of survivors from
the south bay told us just yesterday. they say many injuries got worse as they waited, in their estimation, about 40 minutes for emergency medical attention. >> jean elle joins us from the crown plaza in burlingame with survivors who were returned back to the crash site, where they saw up close what they actually lived through. >> reporter: one passenger said it was a very emotional visit for passengers and their families. he believes every person out there had their own reason to visit the wreckage. for him, it was connecting with people who experienced the same life of changing event. crash survivors and their families are taken by bus to the crash site before cleanup begins. an emotional return to the scene of a horrific accident. ben said some people cried. others were silent. he went hoping to connect with people who understand what we went through. >> we're connected to this event, whether we want to or
not, for life. we'll never forget it. and so, getting to know a little bit the people in that plane with me, helps me grasp it better. >> reporter: the ntsb says when the plane hit the seawall and the tail ripped off, flee flight attendants were injured. but in the cockpit, the pilots didn't know the extent of the emergency. >> the flight crew told the flight attendants not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. the cabin manager made an announcement over the p.a., for people to stay in their seats. >> reporter: it took 90 seconds for the crew to order an emergency evacuation, after a flight attendant saw flames outside of the plane in the window. he saw flames outside of the
window. he went up to the front of the cabin to let them know that there was fire and they needed to evacuate. the aircraft evacuation began after that. >> reporter: the ntsb says that's when two emergency slides deployed inside the plane, trapping two flight attendants. the colleagues worked to free them and to fight the fire that was spreading inside the plane. six flight attendants are still in the hospital. six others had an emotional press conference at sfo today. only yoon hye-lee spoke. >> i hope all of the people who suffered losses from this accident recover as quickly as possible. and they are all in care. >> reporter: passengers say she is a hero. survivors say she carried passengers off the plane to safety and was the last to exit. levy said it was lee who told him to stop helping people and get off the plane. >> she checked what was going on. the situation. and grabbed me and pulled me out
of there. and i know she stayed later after i stayed. she is providing comfort to her overwhelmed colleagues. rescue crews put that yellow band on his wrist. he does not plan to take it off until the last victim is released from the hospital. we have new photographs provided by ben levy, taken the moment he got out of the plane. you see his entire slide show on also new tonight on our website, calls to 911 after the cash, we have them. we're following another developing story. what started out as an amber alert for a missing baby girl has turned into an fbi case. the search is on for 21-month-old daphne webb. the girl's father says she was abducted from his car this morning near oakland coliseum.
police and detectives are searching her father's home as well as the shoreline in oakland. this story has several twists. terry mcsweeney joins us with the latest. >> reporter: we have oakland p.d., fbi agents galore up here in oakland. you see behind me. there's crime scene tape about half a block from where i'm standing, at least 30 law enforcement agents. oakland p.d. and fbi. up in the hillside, we have seen officers looking around with their flashlights out. also getting reports that oakland police have gone into the water outside of oakland, possibly near the airport. everyone looking for 21-month-old daphne web. dozens of police officers are outside john webb's home tonight. the crime scene tape is up. fbi and oakland police officers canvas the neighborhood where john webb lives, asking
questions. >> they asked me if i've seen a little girl. the little baby. no, but i heard about it. the police were telling me about it earlier. >> reporter: police want to know the last time john webb and his daughter, 21-month-old daphne webb, were seen together. >> for someone to provide a time line. >> reporter: webb said he drove his suv with his daughter and mother inside, to a market this morning about 11:00 to get a snack. >> they told me they came in for a couple minutes. >> reporter: webb says when he returned to the vehicle, his daughter, daphne was gone. his mother couldn't help police because she has dementia. an amber alert was issued. eight agencies were called in to search for daphne. a possibly suspect spotted carrying a child down the street. a child carrying something similar to the orange pajamas with pink hearts that daphne was
wearing. >> an african-american female, possibly hispanic. 30 to 40 years old, wearing a light-colored top and blue jeans. she has long, black, straight hair. >> reporter: somewhere along the lines police began to consider the possibility that the little girl never was with her father outside of that market today. and tonight, they want to know all they can about john webb. >> something in the investigation was pointed us in a different direction, we're still focused on a kidnapping with a missing child. in case you're wondering why so many law enforcement agents are in front of john webb's house, we have reason to believe that it's because they're waiting for a search warrant to go in and thoroughly go over his apartment. mr. webb, we're told he's not in custody. he's not identified as a suspect. the police are questioning him. >> thank you, terry. one day after a judge ruled an oakland charter school mired
in controversy can keep operating, fbi and irs agents moved in for a raid. the feds presented to the american indian model school for today but not revealing while. the state audit uncovered irregularities. the board voted to revoke the school's charter. the school appealed that to the state. and yesterday, a judge ruled the school could continue to operate during the appeals process. 1,200 students in grades k through 12 at the american indian model charter school. the school was founded in 1996. and was serving primarily low-income population. has received recognition for high test scores. authorities confiscated 10,000 pot plants from santa clara county today. the four choppers carried away
huge bundles of plants. santa clara county deputies were searching for hours. they're deep in the henry coe state park. the new grow was in the place where deputies eradicated a major pot grow last year. and a neighbor reported hearing two gunshots just a week ago. deputies found two rifles today. the sheriff's department has arrested 19 other people in illegal grows already this year. that's not an acceptable way to handle food under any circumstance. >> state health inspectors swing into action after we uncovered the way a national food company was storing bay area restaurant food. a giants pitcher arrested for allegedly groping a woman in the hospital. the medical condition that his attorney says he's suffering from. and another development in the bay bridge saga. the potential quick fix that
could lead to an early opening.
our exclusive investigation has got the attention of not only state officials but of sysco corporation. one of the largest food distributors may be facing penalties. >> our hidden cameras revealed that sysco was keeping food in unrefrigerated storage lockers. >> after we contacted the health department with what we uncovered, 14 state health inspectors fanned out.
they were stunned to learn sysco employees were using outdoor storage units as makeshift warehouses to keep raw meat, milk and other perishable goods for hours before taking them to bay area restaurants. when we brought what we found to sysco, the company scrambled to direct workers to clear food out of the sheds. workers found evidence of food storage. they found rat droppings, insects and other unsanitary conditions inside these sheds. sysco supplies food to 14,000 clients worldwide. the food is supposed to be refrigerated during the entire process. but inspectors say there was a major breakdown in the sysco system. our cameras caught employees making drop-offs to outdoor metal sheds in san jose, san francisco and concord. that food sat here for hours before heading to eateries
across the bay area. sysco admitted to inspectors, this is common practice at 14 different sheds, hidden from the health department for years. we showed state food safety chief pat kenly what our surveillance cameras captured. >> it was disappointing to see they were cutting these corners and jeopardizing the safety of the food product and the people that eat it, presumably to be more efficient or make an extra sale to somebody. that's not an acceptable way to handle food. >> investigators say sysco faces misdemeanor criminal charges and a $1,000 fine for each violation. based on what inspectors have learned in the last 24 hours, the fine is expected to be substantial. this is a problem they take very seriously. the food safety chief says 3,000 people die each other of foodborne illness. we asked sysco for a response. and the company said sysco's
first priority is to provide safe, quality-assured products to our customers. sysco's san francisco's drop site in the bay area were not compliant. we are working with local health department authorities on their investigation to assist them with their needs. we have reviewed our policy to take action. this is garnering a lot of feedback on our website and tip line. keep your comments coming and expect more on the story right here on nbc bay area. >> thank you, very much. if you have a tip for anyone on our investigative unit, you can give us a call at 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail to the unit at it's a bizarre case involving a pitcher for the giants. chad gason was arrested for groping a 23-year-old woman on a gurney as she was in the hospital. this happened a few months ago.
but we're learning about it now. >> reporter: that's correct, raj. he's charged with open lewdness. tonight, we talk with a doctor that explains his condition. san francisco giants pitcher chad godan is used to getting out of jams on the pitching mound. his attorney put out this statement. although he has been accused of improperly touching another hospital patient while on the premises that night, there are differing and exonerating versions that have occurred reported by eyewitnesses. he denies any unlawful conduct. his attorney says his client was experiencing symptoms believed to be related to a condition. a doctor told us it's a
condition where the muscle tish gets damaged and the particles are released into the body. the symptoms. muscle aches, altered and confused. >> altered and con feudsed is how they described gaudin's status. >> you can be more confused and more muscle damage, problems with the liver. problems with the kidneys. >> reporter: we learned strenuous exercise is one of the causes. his attorney says his client denies any unlawful conduct. just like the traffic that rolls across the bay bridge, the project to open the eastern span of the bridge continues to be filled with stops and starts. a team of experts say they have a temporary fix for the broken
bolts under the east span that could make it seismically safe and open by labor day. the engineers proposed inserting wedges into the areas of the broken bolts to stabilize them. officials say they're willing to consider the idea. but right now, it's only a concept, not a solution. if bridge officials stick with the current plan, the new span will open mid-december at the earliest. let's bring in jeff ranieri. and earlier today, when jeff was talking about the weekend already. we're getting close. >> yes, we are. i know. it feels like it's tomorrow. but we have two more days to get through this forecast. we're going to ease you into thursday. maybe it didn't happen here. we will start off with thick cloud cover at the coastline and along the bay. good morning to sleep in if you have an extended weekend. sunshine by the noon hour and the afternoon temperatures going into mid to upper 80s for the interior valley.
no low-100s for our thursday. let's get you outside. and you can see in san jose, clear as you look off toward the east. but if you look up above, what you're going to find is cloud cover starting to move into the silicon valley. it's a much different scenario in downtown s.f. only the the indicator lights are visible. we're completely fogged in at all levels in s.f. that's what bay bridge and golden gate bridge commuters will be facing. our fog forecast, the thickest up along the coastline with drizzle and mist expected. all of the counties in the north bay and from contra costa county. then, by the afternoon, notice this. our cloud cover will stay on the coastline. plenty of sunshine right on down to san jose, expecting mostly sunny skies. with the low ceilings we expect
at the airport, the runway closure we're dealing with. delays are going to go from one to two hours at sfo. daytime highs, after all of the hot weather we've had so far this summer, we're on track for one of the hottest summers on record since 2009. 84 in san jose tomorrow. 83 in sunnyvale. 87 in morgan hill. 86 in gilroy. upper 80s in the east bay. walnut creek, likely one of the hottest with 88. 78 in santa rosa. and 82 in napa. bring your jackets if you're heading towards san francisco. that's it. just 66 degrees. we'll keep this cool upper level trough of low pressure over the next 48 hours. that's going to keep the temperatures in the mid to upper 80s on the seven-day forecast. as we head throughout the weekend, raj and jessica, saturday and sunday, mid to upper 80s and 60s at the
coastline. we know who has the weekend off. we always plan it right. >> we work hard during the week. but i work hard to make that weekend look good, too. >> we thank you for that. >> no problem. >> thank you, jeff. we return to our breaking news, the scene at sfo. it is still active. runway 28-l, live pictures. the giant crane. within the last ten minutes since we last checked in on it, it's moved away from the crashed asiana jet. our cameraman will swing over. sfo is starting to clear the wreckage. you see a couple hundred yards up the runway towards the tower is that jet. we'll be following the progress throughout the night and into our morning show. right there is the jet. back in a moment. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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tsaranev arrived in boston's courthouse under heavy guard today. police lined up across the street. a show of support for the m.i.t. officer who prosecutors say was shot to death by tsaranev and his brother. victims of the bombing attended the hearing. tsaranev was wearing a cap. and his face appeared swollen. he looked at relatives off and smiled at them. health matters tonight, cancer and alzheimer's considered separate diseases. now, a new study published said that having cancer appears to protect against getting alzheimer's and vice versa. those with alzheimer's had a 43% lower risk of developing cancer than those without. and those with cancer had a 35% lower chance of getting alzheimer's. experts say they need to do more research before they can understand if there's a correlation between the two diseases. and that might someday lead to new treatment.
up next, a notable first for giants star matt cain. but it wasn't a good one.
dave feldman joins us from our comcast sportsnet newsroom. you're smiling. but you must not be talking about the giants. >> i'm smiling because they can't lose anymore tonight. the all-star break can't come soon enough for the san francisco giants. any kind of break cannot come soon enough for them. they are struggling. they struggled again today against the mets. with matt cain on the hill. top one, runner on third, daniel murphy singles. eric young jr. scores. 1-0 mets. still in the first. bases loaded. john buck. and two runs score. mets led 3-0. pulls matt cain in two-thirds of an inning. 36 pitches. shortest out of his career. and the mets win 7-2.
>> where we think we are as a group, we've been like this, really, really funky. we know we're a lot better than we are. and to go out there and have an outing like that, is really disappointing. and it's hard to swallow. but we've got to get over it. a's looking to sweep the pirates. and someone, for some reason let a gorilla out in the park. pedro alvarez rbi single up the middle. tommy malone allows three runs in just 2 2/3. 2011 first round pick, making his big league debut in the fifth. strikes out the first batter he faces. but the a's lose 5-0. the warriors have been busy. and they continue taking moves today. they picked up the option on mark jackson's contract. he will be with the warriors through the 2014-2015 season.
he took the warriors from a 21-win team to a 47-year win team a year ago. the warriors have completed the deal to bring andre iguodala. it was a three-team deal that involved utah and denver. iguodala gets four years and $48 million as part of the deal. his press conference tomorrow at noon on csn bay area. [ male announcer ] what if there was a help line for dinner ideas?
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the cleanup is under way on runway 28-l. you're looking at a live picture of that giant crane. what it's holding is apparently one of the pieces of the landing gear off of asiana flight 214. just a short while ago we started seeing a lot of action here at sfo, with a lot of crews out there, heavy equipment, and lots of lights.
that crane is now putting that piece of the landing gear on another vehicle, a big open, wide vehicle, where they're going to be removing that, taking it to a tarmac, to another location, where that plane will be reassembled. that cleanup under way, live debris being removed. and ultimately, the fuselage will be removed. >> we'll follow the story throughout the night and into our morning show. thanks for joining us tonight. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on!
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